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Jet by David Buckley July 2009
Based on my Amblers
Jet Ambler was designed and built in 2009 for academix-robotix.com so they could teach robotics in schools.
Unfortunately they couldn't obtain servos cheap enough to make their project viable.

Although designed for an onboard microcontroller Jet is easily controlled with a two channel Radio Control transmitter and receiver.

  • Jet allround
  • Feet
  • Servo Linkages
  • The Walking Sequence
  • The Turning Sequence
  • Jet parts
  • Jet plans
  • Hardware - screws, nuts, servos
  • Jet allround

    General view and fastening for the Spur.

    Ankle showing the centre M3 screw and nut which clamps the two halves together and fixes the Ankle axle.
    The legs are secured by M3 screws and M3 Nylock nuts adjusted so the legs are free to pivot but with minimal sideways play.

    The Spur allows adjustment for the length of the tilt rod.
    The right hand photo shows the two ankle plates holding the Ankle axle,

    The tilt rod with a wide "Z" bend to go through the plywood Spur and a smaller "Z" bend to go through the servo horn,

    Servo Linkages
    The Tilt rods are 18 S.W.G or 1.2mm spring steel wire (piano wire).
    The Pace links are 18 S.W.G or 1.2mm hard brass wire (it is easier to bend).
    The Pace links should be made slightly too long then fine adjustment of the length can be made by bending the links into a slight "V".
    Bend the Pace links so so that Jet stands feet together with the legs vertical.
    Adjust the Spurs so that with the feet together the outside of the feet are slightly pressing down with the Tilt-servo horns horizontal.

    The Walking Sequence

    The Turning Sequence
    By moving the feet with the Pace-servo but leaving the Tilt-servo so Jet remains standing straight, Jet will skid turn like a tank.

    Jet parts

    Jet plans


    Hips   - x4 M3x12 pan head, x4 M3 nylock nuts
    Spurs  - x4 M3x10 pan head, x4 M3 nuts, x2 M3 washers
    Ankles - x4 M3x16 pan head, x4 M3 nylock nuts
           - x2 M3x10 pan head, x2 M3 nuts
    Drawing is to suit GWS S03 standard size servos, 
    mounting holes may need modifying for other makes of servo.

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