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Joe - by David Buckley November 2002

as at November 2008
  • Joe Commands
  • Joe5-5 BS2 Program
  • JoeActor-PicAxe18x.bas sends default BS2 Act and eye valuess
  • JoeToeP08m2.bas reads the bump switch and TwinkleToes sensor.
  • photos
  • Amblers
  • Joe (after Joel Cairo) was a production prototype of Pop but due the hobby robotics market crash in the early 00s Joe was never produced for sale.
    The controller is a 'Schools Stamp' from Milford Instruments with an embeded BS2 on a custom PCB.
    There is an auxillary PicAxe-18x which displays the current Act and reads the LDR eyes.
    There is an auxillary PicAxe-08m2 on each foot wich reads the Bump Switch and 'Twinkle Toes' obstacle detectors.

    On power on the default Act is got from the PicAxe18x.

    The current Default Act can be changed anytime by a running Act.

    If enabled the Toe Bump Sensors are checked during every step, a toe bump will stop the step and invoke the bump reactions.
    A decaying count of toe hurts is maintained and if it passes a threshold then frustration reactions will be done.

    For testing sensors press either toe at poweron to disable servos.

    The BS2
    On poweron waits for the Act number to be sent from the 18x
    - the toe bump switches
    - user pot which can set the speed of walking.
    - ultrasonic sensor
    - serial Act and eye values from the PicAxe-18x
    - if eyewalking waits for the eye values to be sent from the 18x
    - beeper/voice LED
    - pace servo
    - roll servo
    The PicAxe-18x
    On poweron the Act on the 7-segment display will flash brightly five times, while flashing
    will with each button push increment through the 16 Acts remembering the last one.
    - remembers the set Act
    - repeatedly reads the LDR eyes and averages and scales the reading 
        and sends the remembered Act and eye values to the BS2
    The PicAxe-08m2 - one on each foot
    - awaits a 'B' ot 'T' command from the BS2
        and reads either the Bump sensor switch or the Twinkle Toes optical obstacle detector.
    - serially sends the result to the BS2.

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