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Robot Outings, Knutsford - 21/22 July 2012

Cheshire Open Studios drawing event at Knutsford Old Town Hall.
Various artists were to be drawing and I was asked if I could take the robots and get them to draw! I took the Amblers Sam, Efi, and Joe, two Bambinos and Condor, I attached pens and we made a robot enclosure and the robots left trails. I also took Cycler Shakespeare to attract attention. The robots seemed to be more popular than the humans.
David L Buckley's robots drawing David L Buckley's Bambino robot drawing David L Buckley's Sam robot drawing
It was such nice weather I let Condor wander about outside but on Sunday the wind which was blowing the artists' papers about proved troublesome to Condor as well, see videos below.
Strange things happened on the Sunday, Sam tried to escape! The walls of the arena were taped together and just after midday I noticed Sam had kicked the wall free and was off on the carpet, I retaped the wall in place and put Sam at the opposite side of the enclosure, a few minutes later Sam had kicked the wall free again in just the same place as before. Once again I retaped the wall and placed Sam well away then a few minutes later Sam and Joe were trying to kick the wall free near another corner, the tape proved too strong and after a while they seemed to give up and went back to wandering about as before.
cached print version

Escape attempt 1
Sam - escape 1 Sam - escape 1

Escape attempt 2
Sam - escape 2 Sam - escape 2

Condor biped robot versus the wind in Knutsford July 2012
Condor versus the stone paving - Knutsford July 2012
Condor negotiating the stone paving and the wind outside the Market House (old Town Hall)
Sam Ambler, biped robot, drawing - Knutsford July 2012
Bambino biped robots walking - Knutsford July 2012

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