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Animatronic Sir William Stanier, locomotive designer.
The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
September 2004
In partnership with Gems Display Figures, now Gems Studio.

As can be seen in the photograph, the figure of Sir William Stanier sits in a replica of his ofice and studies a drawing on his desk.
The figure is equipped with an animatronic head which makes small lifelike movements as he reads the drawing.
When visitors approach either the door to his office, or a window in the side wall, he looks up at either the door or window as appropriate, then looks around as if they have interupted him before returning his gaze to the drawing.

The Sir William Stanier figure in "his office" in the museum
and Stanier's animatronic head complete with motors and control electronics prior to painting.

The Stanier Show Controller holds two seperate shows each triggered by a Passive-Infra-Red sensor.
The required moves of the head for each show were puppeted in real time and remembered by the controller.
When a particular show is started the controller issues a signal to start the required audio track.